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I applied to dwell in a flat just where my bedroom adjoined one more room with a home. I believe the rooms were initially designed as living or even dining rooms, rather compared to bedrooms. My flatmate Mila were living in the adjoining room. She was gorgeous – a slim sports figure, pretty face, shoulder-length blonde hair. I fancied her, though she wasn’t really the type of mine.

Mila also I usually kept the adjoining door shut; no reason at all was had by us to have each other’s bedrooms. For ages, it never actually happened to me to use searching through the keyhole, though single I was at home studying and also heard Mila come home from work, run into the bedroom of her and get undressed. The sounds had been very apparent, and also I realized she was becoming changed going away to the gym. The idea occurred to me that in case I looked through the keyhole I can find my beautiful flatmate in a state of undress.

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I moved steadily and so as never to make some sound, therefore by time I got there I missed the actual show. Mila had actually changed the top of her, and was tugging on a set of shorts. Mila had quite light blonde locks, though I can see through her lacy knickers that she’d a complete shrub of rich pubic hair. It looked just about black. I made the decision that going through the keyhole is really worth pursuing to really get to see her naked.

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Next morning I got out of bed when I noticed Mila choosing the bath of her, and also crept approximately the keyhole to view her when she came back into her room being dressed. My heart was racing as she came in to the home with a bath towel wrapped around her. I’d to try hard to manage my breathing.

The towel was lowered by Mila, and also retied it around the waist of her. God her breasts have been beautiful. Little, but complete and round. She’d big pink nipples that tilted upwards, and were still difficult from the rubbing on the bath towel. My cock was difficult as well, and also I reached down to press the tip.

Mila pulled on a white lacy bra hiding her tits from the perspective of mine, after which walked to another aspect of the home, from sight of the keyhole. I noticed the towel drop on the floor, and thought I’d most likely not get to see the pussy of her. Then suddenly she walked back into view, still wearing only the bra of her. She reached into a drawer, pulled away some pink cotton knickers, after which … yes! … she turned towards me to place them on!

My stiff dick started twitching in the hands of mine. Mila had probably the hairiest vagina I’d ever seen. I’d thought my last girlfriend to become very hirsute, but Mila’s pubic jungle was thicker and darker. The hairstyle was almost dark, and also it had been very heavy I could not see some specifics of her labia. God, it looked almost long enough to plait! The hairstyle was clipped at the bikini line of her, but not shaved, along with a cute little trail serotonin ran up from the mound of her, nearly meeting her belly button. As she pulled the panties of her on she turned side onto me to look in the mirror of her. Her complete bush stood out from between the legs of her – fuck it looked wonderful! She should have been admiring the pussy of her in the mirror.

I almost arrived then and there, and also clamped my hand around the foundation of my penis to prevent the very first gush of semen, but when Mila slipped the panties of her down once again, relocated her pubic hair aside with a single hand and after that began to stroke her cunt with the finger of her I dropped control.

Come rushed out over the hands of mine, and also I have to have gasped, because Mila abruptly looked up! Shit! I would been found. She could not see me through the keyhole, though she should have recognized what was going on. She had taken the hand of her out from her clit, and relocated to another aspect of the home, from the perspective of mine.

I said to myself which I wouldn’t look through the keyhole again. If anything was said by her I will deny it, and no proof was had by her. I just wondered since I would see the gorgeous body of her and her incredible hairy patch just how long I might keep that promise.

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