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Persia Monir & Mark Anthony had been the kind of individuals everybody will visit in case assistance was needed by them. They have been the stones in individuals lives, they had been powerful, independent, people that are positive with a single downfall….they’re both obstinate as hell!

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Persia Monir is a powerful do everything herself person type since birth, it was really quite a website to find out when a person messed with her since she stood all of 5’1 and 130 lbs. No matter the size of her she often stood the ground of her. Persia Monir always voiced the opinion of her and was not affraid to offend anybody. She only had a great deal to say.

Mark Anthony on the flip side was 6’3, 175 and a quiet guy. He never became angry but may still hold his own personal. Mark Anthony’s a sweetheart, those types of men you might never ever imagine damaging a fly.

Thus when the 2 met one another it is supposed to be – strong willed opposites who simply loved each others company. They live a thankful life together by yourself – each working and also supporting one another. To the external world they will look like the most perfect storybook couple…but on the inside it is an entirely different story.

“Babe, we need to make a bet.” Persia Monir cooed on a Saturday afternoon.
“Are you certain you would like to do that?” Mark Anthony responded knowing her petition was going to be from the wall.
“Yes, otherwise I would not of said it. Okay, soooo we need to make a bet….here’s the side of mine of the deal. You do whatever I say for eight minutes straight.” She replied, attempting to conceal the excitment of her.
“….whatever you say? huh?”
“yup babe, whatever I say plus You’ve TO DO IT.”
Persia Monir was seething with excitment right now, there was no hiding it and Mark Anthony can see through it.

“Alright, but…for the side of mine of the deal I arrive at spank you for sixteen minutes, double yours.”

“WHAT? how’s that fair?” Persia Monir questioned.

“You get to do whatever you want……i only reach spank you.”

“..alright but only in case it is with the hand of yours and over my shorts.”

“nope, not happening…..”
“COME ON YOU BIG PUSSY!” desiree taunted. Mark Anthony wasn’t getting it.
“FINE but in case you attempt to reduce me and stand up…even once I get to work with virtually any use I would like & remove your underwear!” and shorts

Persia Monir thought to herself, “well it is just sixteen minutes with his hand….i’ll be fine.”

“OKAY, we need to do it.”

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