What To Wear To A Swingers Club?


A swingers club may have a look and feel of regular vanilla nightclubs. However, the people inside them are a different breed. Maybe you are too, but unless you look it, then you might as well convey that you’re not. Dressing up for that first night out in a swingers club with your SO is essential for your success. 

When thinking of something to wear to a swingers club, it’s always best to dress comfortably. It will give you a sense of self-assurance as you socialize with other couples. But before you think of showing up as a couple in a potato sack, you might want to rethink your decision. People in a swingers club are on the lookout for the most attractive couple (although men often take escorting partners) to share the bed (couch or table) with there. So make sure you wear something comfortable yet still look good. Let your clothes speak for yourselves. It’s all about first impressions, and nothing says better about that than your outfit.

Dress to impress. Despite you thinking that you look good in jeans and tees, no one wears those to a regular club, so you shouldn’t wear them in a swingers club. Women should wear something sexy; however, before you pull out that fishnet dress, remember that there is a whole lot of difference between sexy and slutty. Choose a little black dress; every woman has it. Choose something that flatters your curves and shows enough skin to tell everyone that you’re looking for some action.

Men, on the other hand, generally follow the fashion rule “wear whatever fits.” But if you’re looking to swap with another couple, then you have to dress up. Bust out that smart casual blazer, paired with a collared shirt with some slim-fitting chinos and loafers. Think that you’re out on a first date; it’s all about the first impression.

As a general rule, check with the swingers club you are going to. Some have themed parties during the weekend, and if the intention is doing the deed with another couple, then wear something according to that night’s theme. You might probably be in your underwear at some point in the night, so ladies, wear sexy lingerie underneath. Likewise, men should keep away from those tighty-whities. It’s best to wear black boxer briefs. Stay away from crazy prints; you’re not going to a pool party! 

Never think for a minute that you’ll take them off anyway. Dress lousy in swingers club, then don’t even think you’ll have the chance to take off anything. Happy swinging!

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