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Persia Needs Punishment Sex

I ask, is it is too much to ask to find a man willing to put a girl in her place?

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Why are men (north american men in particular) so weak?

I am one that needs love to be illustrated in a sharper, more physical way. I don’t want flowers, forget the chocolates, I really don’t care what we do on a date as long as you’re good company.

I try not to play mind games because I hate them played with me. But if for some reason I anger you (with good cause) please feel free to toss me otk and explain it to me, repeatedly!

I’m a brat. I know it. But I cannot control myself. I’ve tried! Weak men seem to feed off my bad habits and in turn make me worse. Thus grows the vicious circle where feel that I need to be punished just to right the wrongs of that.

Screw being equal. I need a man that can ‘tame me’, or at least try! One that cares enough about me to make an effort at guiding me into good choices! Men as the head of the family works for me. Why is that such a bad thing now in Canada and the USA?

perhaps I am just ranting!
I’m sorry!

need it, want it *whimper*

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